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360 Degreez Consulting LLC is a family owned Construction & Consulting Organization out of Gainesville, FL. What started as a local business Expediting Permits, Roll Off Dumpster Service & behind the scenes apprentice for knowledge and passion to being influenced and supported to carry on the torch as a General Contractor. At 360 Degreez Consulting LLC, we take pride in our workmanship and relationships with our customers.

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"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it". —Henry Ford

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". —Maya Angelou

4-Point Home Inspections

Insurance carriers will typically require a 4-Point Inspection when homes are in excess of 30 years or a roof inspection for homes with older roofs. The four point inspection will include an assessment of the Roof covering, Electrical system, HVAC, and the Plumbing components to make sure there is no undue risk to the homeowner or insurer. This age requirement will vary depending on the insurance carrier but the concept is the same - Are the main four components of the home relatively safe and in good condition?

Most insurance carriers will require a remaining functional roof life of at least three years before they will write the insurance policy. Homes that are for sale with composition shingle roof coverings 14-16 years old therefore are at risk for early replacement This may and has resulted in some roofs being replaced before the end of functional life, just to facilitate insurance coverage. The presence of polybutylene piping or a Federal Pacific panel for example will warrant replacement prior to closing. None of these make a happy seller or buyer especially in today’s market and all result in some form or contract re-negotiations. 

Construction Management &

General Contracting

That person holding the blueprints on a building site? That's a construction manager. Construction managers, also known as general contractors or project managers, oversee and allocate resources for any number of construction projects, from houses and buildings to bridges and skyscrapers.

Construction managers are a part of the building process from the very beginning, working closely with architects and engineers to go over plans and blueprints, making timetables for the project, determining material and labor costs, negotiating with and hiring subcontractors and workers, scheduling workers on site, gathering permits and making sure everything is up to code.

Construction Consulting 

& Referral 

360 Degreez Consulting has extensive experience in multiple areas of the construction industry. Our team is comprised of "hand selected" professionals with diverse as well as well rounded backgrounds, offering a wide range of services to an even broader range of industries. In particular, our team specializes in construction related to Residential, Commercial Buildings, New Construction & Remodel of Existing Structures, Sports and Religious Establishments and a variation of other project types.

Notary & E-File Services

E-Filing is a way to electronically transmit legal documents from an attorney or even a self-represented litigant to a court. Legal documents can also go from the court to the attorney or from one attorney to another.  Don’t have the time to Record those Notice of Commencements or need assistance getting those Affidavits or other documents needing to be Notarized, we can help. 

Roll Off Dumpster Service

Home remodels and clean-outs are so much simpler with a roll off container in the driveway. We can deliver the dumpster right in front of your home. Getting rid of debris, fixtures and plain old trash is as easy as tossing the items in the bin, keeping your home  free of debris and clutter. 

That’s why contractors rely on roll off containers to ensure their work doesn’t slow down when the dust gets kicked up utilizing our containers as the right working tools. 

Permit Expediter Service

We provide a painless permitting services to Contractors, Trades and Developers who benefit from our expertise and relationships with local building departments. We are connected and prepared to proceed in the process to save you time, money and headaches.

From full-service permit preparation to simple expediting, we will tailor our services to meet your needs for all permit types..


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